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Incoming Freshers 2017

Incoming Freshers 2017

Blues vs. Oxford

8-5 Naturally, with only a month to go to Varsity, there was a lot of tension and anxiety concerning this particular match. Earlier in the season Cambridge had cruised to victory on a 9-6 win. It was, however, not meant to be this time around. The first half...
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Kingies vs. Birmingham

9 – 14 Cambridge began the match with much anticipation, knowing that Birmingham were just ahead of them in the League so this was a real opportunity for our team. We got off to a strong start, with successive goals from Thellusson, Holden, and Shaw putting...
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Blues vs. Bath

12 – 9 We had a long 3.5 hour journey, but we arrived at Bath with 20 mins to spare. After a rushed warm up, the starting whistle blew and cambridge were ready to beat Bath for a second time. The game started well, with a quick few goals from Flick Villar,...
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Kingies 10-3 Both Cambridge lacrosse teams faced Oxford at home this week, at the site of the upcoming varsity game. The Kingies played first, smashing Oxford with a final score of 10-3. Special mention must go to fresher Lara Dillingham (Trinity) who scored 7 of...
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Kingies vs. Loughborough

13 – 9 After a quick start by Loughborough, putting them ahead 1-nil, Cambridge fought their way back with the first goal by fresher Dillingham. Unfortunately Loughborough responded with three more goals as we failed to capitalise on the ground balls. Picking...
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