24 Nov


This week the Blues travelled to Bristol to take them on for the second time this season. After a victory of 8-6 in a close match at the very start of the term, we were eager to make even more of an impact this time round. Bristol started strong with a quick goal off the draw, but the light Blues reacted quickly with two dynamic goals from Pleydell-Bouverie (Sidney). The first half was dominated by Cambridge defence, who refused to let Bristol succeed in any of their set plays. Sharp (Girton) managed to stay tight on their most threatening attacker, with Hirst (Fitz) chasing her down in midfield. The score was 6-4 at half time, and after the break we picked up the intensity. Attack began to create and convert their chances, with four goals from Captain Morrill (Sidney), three from Villar (Tit Hall), two from Hirst and one from Lehovsky (Robinson). Thanks to some incredible saves and smart clears from goalie Midgen (Murray Edwards), Bristol only managed to score two in the second half. The final score was 12-6 to the light Blues in what was an extremely positive match. Special mention goes to Hirst and Midgen for exceptional play in the midfield and goal respectively, for which they were awarded players of the match. With only two matches left this term, both at home, we’ll be working harder than ever to make it to Christmas unbeaten.

Squad: Midgen (Murray Edwards), Sharp (VC, Girton), Crawford (Tit Hall), Ritchie (Murray Edwards), Hirst (Fitz), Duck (Queens’), Lehovsky (Robinson), Morrill (C, Sidney), Moss (Murray Edwards), Pleydell-Bouverie (VC, Sidney), Villar (Tit Hall), Birch (Newnham), Wilson (Corpus)


This week Kingies faced the difficult challenge of having to play a match for the first time with no subs, so it was going to be a difficult one. Although Kingies had already beaten Birmingham decisively at the beginning of term, the lack of subs was a daunting prospect as three key players were missing from the starting line up. However, it is a testament to the fitness of the team in that they played their best match of the season so far. The first goal was scored by Dunn (Trinity) within the first minute, straight off the draw and in the first half Cambridge dominated with goals from Shearer (Downing), Holden (Johns), Walsh (Caius) and Delacave (Sidney). Huge congratulations are also due to the defensive unit in this half, particularly to Posada-Brown (Queens’) who has rejoined CUWLC, and played an incredible first match for the team. The team was also joined by mixed lacrosse player Vega (Magdelene) for the second time who proved to be an invaluable member of the team, scoring two goals. The score at half time was 7-3 with the team tired but cheerful. In the second half, tiredness started to come through slightly more with some swiping and dangerous checks from the midfielders but as the players focused this became less of an issue and the match ended after several brilliant goals, created by set plays in the attack unit. The final score ended 15-3 with special mention going to some brilliant saves by GK Coales (Trinity Hall) who was awarded joint man of the match with Dunn (Trinity). A fantastic game for the team, especially under such difficult circumstances and with this victory, the Kingies continue to dominate the league with six wins in six matches.

Squad: Coales (Tit Hall),, Tebboth (Magdalene), Evans (Queens’), Walsh (Caius), Withers (Trinity), Holden (John’s), Delacave (C, Sidney), Shearer (Downing), Dunn (Trinity), Shaul (Robinson), Posada-Brown (Queens’), Vega (Magdelene)

CUWLC continues winning streak in successful matches against Oxf*rd and Warwick

13 Nov

Blues vs Oxf*rd


The lacrosse blues were away to The Other Place on Wednesday, their first meeting of the season. The Light Blues were sitting at the top of the league and Oxf*rd were the final opposition the Blues had yet to face. The game opened with a near-instant goal from Pleydell-Bouverie (Sidney). This was followed by a disallowed goal for the light blues, before oxford managed to equalise. A close and nerve filled first half led to a first half score of 5-3 in favour of the light Blues with goals from Moss (Murray) and 2 from each of Lehovsky (Robinson) and Pleydell-Bouverie. The second half was similarly close and scrappy, however the real stars were the entire defensive unit for shutting down all Oxf*rd’s set moves, blocking their attacking plays and showing their true strength. Special mention to core defenders Sharp (Girton), Hirst (Fitz), Duck (Queens) and newcomer Crawford (Tit Hall). Goals from Pleydell-Bouverie, Captain Morrill (Sidney) and Lehovsky led to the final score of 10-6 to the light blues. Woman of the match was vice captain Ro Sharp for leading her defensive unit to glory. The Blues now sit at the top of their league having beaten every team in their league once. GDBO.

Squad: Midgen (Murray Edwards), Crawford (Tit Hall), Ritchie (Murray Edwards), Sharp (VC, Girton), Hirst (Fitz), Duck (Queens’), Everden (Downing), Lehovsky (Robinson), Morrill (C, Sidney), Birch (Newhnham), Moss (Murray Edwards), Pleydell-Bouverie (VC, Sidney), Abbott (Catz), Villar (Tit Hall)10799702_10154834922940597_1850968306_n

Kingies vs Warwick


Facing up against a large Warwick team was nerve wracking especially considering one of our players being forced to sit out due to injury, meaning an even more pressing lack of subs -a huge thank you to Vega (Magdalene) from mixed lacrosse for stepping in-. Nevertheless, the game started well with goals from Walsh (Caius), Delacave (Sidney) and Lewis (Corpus) putting Cambridge in a good position. However, quite quickly, we fell into chaotic play and Warwick were able to come back to even the score. After a much needed time out, Cambridge re-grouped and scored three goals in quick succession with a strong drives from Clark (Trinity) bringing the half time score up to 6-4. The second half was a much closer affair and a hard fought battle on both sides. At 7-7 with only 8 minutes to go, the girls showed impressive perseverance in both defence and attack with great play from Evans (Queens) and Gilespie (Downing) and two more fantastic goals from Lewis and Walsh, bringing the score up to 9-7. Although Warwick were able to get one more, strong possession play from the Cambridge attack prevented further Warwick goals, bringing the final score to 9-8. MVP is awarded to Withers for her strong work in attack and overall contribution to the team. Another fantastic win from this side who have really come together as a strong and dedicated team. Their place at the top of the league is well deserved and their future for the rest of BUCS looks bright.

Squad: Coales (Tit Hall), (C, Clark), Gillespie (Downing), Tebboth (Magdalene), Evans (Queens’), Walsh (Caius), Withers (Trinity), Holden (John’s), Delacave (Sidney), Shearer (Downing), Lewis (Corpus), Shaul (Robinson)



11 Nov

Blues vs Southampton


The light Blues braved the cold today to take on Southampton at home. After lots of practice on attacking plays over the week, we were keen to put them into the game as soon as possible. Lehovsky (Robinson) opened the scoring with two goals in quick succession, followed by two from Captain Morrill (Sidney). Cambridge made an aggressive start, with more goals from Villar (Tit Hall), Pleydell-Bouverie (Sidney) and Moss (Murray Edwards). The game was very much played in the attacking half, meaning that the defence really had to stay focused in case of a fast break. At half time the score was 11-2, at which point the aim was to concede no more goals. The second half was far more intense from both attacking and defensive players: Sharp (Girton) was particularly effective in intercepting to retain light Blue possession. More goals from all who scored in the first half, as well as from Wilson (Corpus) and Duck (Queens’) saw Cambridge storm to a 26-2 victory, keeping a clean sheet in the second half. Special mentions goes to our Captain, Morrill, who played exceptionally all game, scoring 9 goals and being voted MVP. After an excellent game, the squad will be straight back into intense training in preparation for the first clash of the blues away at Oxford next week.

Squad: Midgen (Murray Edwards), Crawford (Tit Hall), Ritchie (Murray Edwards), Sharp (VC, Girton), Hirst (Fitz), Duck (Queens’), Everden (Downing), Lehovsky (Robinson), Morrill (C, Sidney), Birch (Newhnham), Moss (Murray Edwards), Pleydell-Bouverie (VC, Sidney), Abbott (Catz), Villar (Tit Hall), Wilson (Corpus)

Kingies vs Nottingham


This week saw another brilliant game by the Kingfishers against Nottingham. The team started strong with a goal from Shearer (Downing) in the first two minutes, which boded well for the rest of the match. Scrappy play from the opposition meant that the team was awarded several penalties and almost all were converted successfully. Nottingham managed to score two quick goals past the midfielders who were not supporting the defence quite enough, but the rest of the half saw the defensive unit work well together. By half time the score was 11-2 with some fantastic goals from Gillespie (Downing) (voted MVP), Lewis (Corpus), Delacave (Sidney), Walsh (Caius) and Dunn (Trinity). The second half started very strong, the team’s fitness was certainly an advantage in this match. Despite only having one substitute compared to Nottingham’s five, Cambridge were constantly in possession and driving down through the defence to score some quick goals. The game ended with superb goals from Evans (Queens’) and Holden (John’s) with the score at 19-4. Another successful game for the Kingies and the team is looking stronger than ever for the rest of the season.

Squad: Coales (Tit Hall), (C, Clark), Gillespie (Downing), Tebboth (Magdalene), Dunn (Trinity), Evans (Queens’), Walsh (Caius), Withers (Trinity), Holden (John’s), Delacave (Sidney), Shearer (Downing), Lewis (Corpus), Shaul (Robinson)10515075_10204995167022712_6276649001762142077_o 1654198_10204509633357314_5171520746590591068_n


27 Feb

With Varsity countdown well underway and only 2 days to go, meet the Blues and Kingfishers 2014 teams who are set to battle it out against the Dark Side on Saturday. GDBO.

Blues 2014:

Captains: Daniella Allard & Chesca Hirst


Top row L-R: Katie Wren (Caius), Sophie Moss (Murray Edwards), Sophie Morrill (Sidney Sussex), Anna Pugh (Christ’s), Phoebe Harlow (Downing), FM Gardiner (Murray Edwards), Eleanor Duck (Queens), Ari Midgen (Murray Edwards).

Bottom row L-R: Steph MacAulay (Emmanuel), Lara Pleydell-Bouverie (Sidney Sussex), Daniella Allard (Robinson), Chesca Hirst (Fitzwilliam), Ro Sharp (Girton), Marina Lindsay Brown (Murray Edwards), Katie Lehovsky (Robinson).

Absent: Alana Livesey (Churchhill), Anna Murch (Hughes Hall).

Kingies 2014:

Captains: Francesca Ritchie & Lexi Boreham


Top row L-R: Hannah Ronald (Girton), Hattie Wilson (Corpus Christi), Emilie Delacave (Sidney Sussex), Chloe Fox (Trinity), Emma Gerrard (Robinson), Elle Manners (Queens), Felicity Villar (Queens).

Bottom L-R: Serenydd Everden (Downing), India Dunn (Trinity), Lucy Evans (Queens), Francesca Ritchie (Murray Edwards), Emma Pollock (Homerton), Lexi Boreham (St Catharines), Ami Clark (Trinity).

Absent: Emma Walsh (Caius), Emma Shearer (Downing).

Blues & Kingies through to the BUCS Semis!

27 Feb

Yesterday saw two huge games for both Blues and Kingies as they came up against Loughborough and Southampton respectively in their BUCS Quarters matches. Both came out with stunning victories, Blues winning 8-6 and Kingies 20-12.


Blues 8 – 6 Loughborough (H)

The Blues had a nail biting BUCS quater-final on Wednesday against Loughborough. The game opened with the Bues seizing possession and Anna Pugh scoring early on. However this was quickly answered by Loughborough, who played a particularly physical game, leaving them 3-1 up at half time. The second half was where the bulk of the action lay. The Blues held strong in defense, with Harlow in particular, coping with Anderson’s challenges particularly well. A highlight of the game was Hirst taking on the Loughborough goalie, forcing her to fling the ball into Lehovsky’s stick, for an open shot on goal. Goals also came from Morrill and a hat trick from Allard. With 6 minutes to go, the score was 6 all. After a time out, Cambridge quickly scored twice, with the final coming from Pleydell-Bouverie and after a few minutes of possesion play, the socre ended at 8-6. Goalie, Ari Midgen, was the woman of the match for the 3rd match running, for her outstanding saves and clears.

Kingies 20 –  12 Southampton (A)

The squad arrived in Southampton, excited for what we knew would be a demanding, high-stakes game to reach the BUCS semi finals. Playing for the first time this year on astro, and for once is very warm weather, the game was extremely tight for the first 10 minutes –  with the teams scoring alternately through a series of quick goals. Recognising the need to keep the pace calm and controlled, and to play our game not theirs, Cambridge stepped up their game and pulled ahead. Some excellent high-pressure defence shut out Southampton’s key attackers, frustrating them into mistakes and leading to turnovers. With both fast breaks and settled play delivering great goals, and a fantastic penalty from Serenyyd Everden, the score stood at 10-5 at half time.

Entering the second half Cambridge kept possession, controlling the game, and by the end of the third quarter all attackers had put the ball in the net, with several goals each from Serenydd (MoM), and freshers Emma Walsh, Hattie Wilson and India Dunn. In the last 15 minutes Southampton came back strong – refusing to let Cambridge take the win without putting up a fight. Despite several brilliant saves from goalie Chloe Fox, the score-line pulled a little closer. However the Light Blues maintained their focus, demonstrating great team fitness and some excellent stick skills in transition, resulting in two further goals for Cambridge. The final score stood at 20-12 as the whistle blew – an excellent game for the Kingfishers, and the best possible preparation ahead of Varsity this Saturday.


Double Draw for CUWLC’s Double Header vs the Other Place

31 Jan

Wednesday 29th was a momentous day for CUWLC for many reasons, not least as it was President Marina Lindsay-Brown’s 21st Birthday, but also as it was a double header clash for both teams against Oxford. Both teams ended with a draw on the final whistle, both teams endured grim weather conditions and both teams look set to come up against strong opposition and very tense matches in Varsity on Saturday 1st March.

Cambridge Blues 7 – 7 Oxford Blues (A) 

The blues found a challenging match in their final pre-varsity clash against Oxford on Wednesday. In pouring rain and on a particularly muddy pitch, the Light Blues opened the game with a goal from Sophie Morrill. This was followed by goals from Pugh, Allard and Pleydell-Bouverie, however Oxford found holes in the defensive unit, scoring 5 goals before half-time. This left the team down by one with a half-time score of 5-4 to Oxford. After a rousing team talk, and identifying Oxford’s tendency to work off individuals on fast breaks rather than the settled team play Cambridge utilise, the second half saw the Light Blues come out and raise every aspect of their game. Special mention goes to the defensive unit for resisting Oxford’s attempts at goal after a yellow card left the Light Blues man down in a crucial moment. Further goals from Marina Lindsay-Brown (assisted by Alana Livesey) and two more from Morrill brought the score at full time to 7-all. Woman of the match goes to goalie Ari Midgen, for the second week in a row, for her exceptional saves and supportive defensive play in pressured situations.

Cambridge Kingies 8 – 8 Oxford Swifts (H)

In a similar fashion the Kingies battled it out hard for this draw against Oxford. With a strong start from us the score sat at a comfortable 7-4, but this gave Oxford the impetus to dig deep and fight back, slightly catching the Kingies off guard. Serenydd Everden was tireless at centre, as was India Dunn in defence with her notorious full-pitch sprints leaving the Oxford players bewildered. First goal of the game from Hattie Wilson, followed by Emilie Delacave on a superb drive to goal, Emma Shearer and Emma Walsh. Special credit must go to the Cambridge D, led by Chessie Ritchie for keeping Oxford out in a crucial moment when we were man down due to an unfortunate yellow card. Oxford’s attempt to play possession was thwarted by Cambridge’s stamina and determination, and the final minutes ended with Felicity Villar’s goal in the dying moments of the game to equalise. Men of the Match go to Chessie Ritchie and Ami Clarke for their infinite energy and fight.

Blues’ Defiant Exeter Take Down

28 Jan

Last Wednesday, the Blues secured their 8th league win in a thrilling second clash against Exeter. The game opened with the Blues defence holding out the challenging Exeter attack and a turnover led to Anna Pugh scoring swiftly. Exeter soon scored an equalizer, but for the rest of the first half, the defensive unit was infallible and Exeter could not score again. Going into the second half with a score of 5-1, Exeter came back fighting, and managed to score during the second half, however this could not match the phenomenal play of the Blues. The top scorers were Pugh and Morrill, with 4, followed by 2 from Pleydell-Bouverie and Allard, and a special mention goes to Alana Livesey who returned to the Blues team with an exceptional game. The final score was 15-5 with the woman of the match going to goalie Ari Midgen.

The Blues will now finish the league with a key meet against Oxford, which takes place tomorrow at 1pm, University Parks, Oxford.

The Kingies play Oxford Swifts tomorrow at home, 1.30pm, Fulbrooke Road pitches.

CUWLC Midseason Report

12 Jan

Cambridge Lacrosse has once again gone from strength to strength over Michaelmas term. Our new members have been such a crucial addition this year, ‘effortlessly merging into the attack unit’ (Lindsay Brown) and challenging even the strongest attack in defence. With the freshers now settled in, the making of two fantastic teams is well under way.

The Kingies have had a huge intake of eleven new players this season. Amazingly, they took no time to come together as a unit and have played astounding team-focused lacrosse throughout the term. Led by senior players Francesca Ritchie and Lexi Boreham as captains, the Kingies have secured some inspiring wins over strong opposition. Most notably, they fought for an emphatic win over Warwick – a team they hadn’t beaten for over two years. With determination and a well-organised game plan, the Kingfisher attack ‘not only retained possession, but effectively converted it into great shots and goals’ (Gerrard). A frustrated Warwick could do nothing to contain the fluidity and powerful spirit of the Kingfisher team.

A comeback victory over Birmingham ‘in genuinely the worst weather we’ve ever experienced’ (a dramatic Francesca Ritchie) was another highlight, as well as an epic win over King’s in BUCS. King’s managed to get an equaliser in the dying seconds of the game but Cambridge ‘worked together to play possession and kept calm in extra time to win’ (Evans). The Kingfishers now progress to the next round of BUCS and they await to hear who they will take on next.

The Blues have won all of their matches this term bar one. Particular highlights include convincing wins against Oxford and Exeter. The squad travelled down to Exeter the night before their league match to ensure they were fully rested for the big game. The team showed unbelievable fighting spirit and fought under immense pressure to secure the win. President Lindsay Brown particularly praised the captains’ ‘hard work (which) ignited the whole team across the pitch’. There were moments of enviable flair from start to finish all as well as clear demonstrations of grit and tenacity. It was by no means an easy game and the girls were thrilled to get this result over a much-respected Exeter team.

The Oxford game was, of course, a big occasion for both sides. The new Blues freshers, FM Gardiner, Eleanor Duck, Katie Lehovsky and Sophie Morrill had their first experience of a Varsity clash and stepped up to the plate with solid performances. The defence overcame a strong attack set up from Oxford to gain control in the latter stages of the game. In turn, the attack pulled off crucial goals from both team and individual efforts, meaning that ‘although the opposition were strong, we all pulled together’ (Lehovsky) to seal the win. This was indeed an encouraging display with Varsity now being only two months away.

The Blues did lose out to Bristol, however, in the second leg of their league fixture in Cambridge. Bristol came out with admirable fighting spirit and gained a wide lead early on that Cambridge just couldn’t make up. Although the Blues fought back to decrease the gap to two goals, Bristol had already secured their victory with an extremely strong start. This was the final game of Michaelmas term and the team were extremely disappointed to not attain a clean sheet at the midway point. There were a lot of lessons learned from the game and the Blues look to use them for positive momentum going in to Lent term.

And so, Cambridge Lacrosse comes in to Lent term with everything to fight for. With both teams showing potential for great things, it is an exciting time for the whole squad. Both Varsity and BUCS are in the forefront of our minds and we’re looking forward to another eight weeks of hard graft and deserved results.

Dani Allard and Chesca Hirst – Co-Captains 2013-14


Blues & Kingies at the Top of their Leagues

2 Jan

With the CUWLC squad over half way through their season and away on Christmas break, both teams have finished at the top of their respective leagues, which is an outstanding achievement and sets them in good stead for the matches to be played in 2014. Excellent helmsmanship from Chesca Hirst and Dani Allard means the Blues have 18 points in the Premiership South League, followed by the Oxford Blues who are sitting in second place with 14 points. Francesca Ritchie and Lexi Boreham have skilfully captained the Kingies to 18 points as well, and are closely followed by Warwick 1sts who trail with 15 points.

BUCS Premiership South

BUCS Premiership South Scoreboard

BUCS Midlands 1A Scoreboard

BUCS Midlands 1A Scoreboard

GDBO, check

2 Jan
The victorious Light Blues

The victorious Light Blues.
Top Row L-R: Gardiner, Midgen, Lehovsky, Morrill, Pleydell-Bouverie, Pugh, Lindsay-Brown, MacAulay.
Bottom row L-R: Harlow, Sharp, Allard, Hirst, Wren, Duck.

Cambridge Blues 11 – 6 Oxford Blues (H)

The Blues found an exciting battle in their first clash against Oxford at home on Wednesday 13 Nov 2013. The match opened with Cambridge taking control of the play leading to an opening goal from Anna Pugh. The first half of the match saw Cambridge in possession, and goals came from Pleydell- Bouverie and co-captain Hirst, however Oxford capitalized any opportunities presented to them, leading to a half time score of 5-4. After half time the Blues stepped up all aspects of their game and dealt with Oxford’s attacking play sublimely. All Light Blues gave their all in the midfield to defend; key to the defence success were Sharp, Gardiner and Harlow, along with ever solid goalie, Midgen. Pugh and Pleydell-Bouverie completed their hat tricks – along with goals from Morill, co-captain Allard and two from Lehovsky to give a full time score of 11-6. Ex-captain Anna Pugh was the man of the match for her exceptional mid-field play along with her three key goals.


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