The Blues set out pumped and ready to take on Bristol in what we knew was going to be a tough away game. Despite Bristol scoring a quick couple of goals at the beginning of the match, excellent draw controls enabled Cambridge to take the offensive, with Katie Lehovsky scoring several powerful goals in succession. The Blues also demonstrated some exceptional defence, holding out against Bristol’s attackers with composure and discipline, causing the opposition to make errors to turn possession over to Cambridge. The team were particularly tight on their attackers and prevented a series of attempted crease rolls and drives, encouraged by Maeve Gillespie’s successful repelling of cutters. Although Bristol were able to take a few goals, after a quick time-out, the Blues came back out strong and returned to the pitch to see Captains Julie Wise and Ayesha Nicholls score two consecutive goals off feeds from Amelia Miller and Emily Birch respectively to equalize going into the second half, ready to continue the fight.

And bring the fight they did. Despite Bristol’s threatening second-half start, the attack were no match for the Cambridge’s solid defence. It’s safe to say that this match was one of the best displays of cohesion and communication on part of the defence who quickly shut down the drives and swing plays. Goals were scored by both teams with Cambridge leading the way but with Bristol following quickly after. Suddenly the girls found themselves behind with only 6 minutes to go! Keeping calm and firing up that Cambridge spirit the girls won the draw, swung to the left wing opening the middle channel for Lehovsky to score the equaliser with an epic drive. It is only the start of the season but it’s already clear that this team has great potential and will continue to go from strength to strength.

By Tillo Eno and Kristjana Caka

Julie Bday

Sunset Coach