12 – 9

We had a long 3.5 hour journey, but we arrived at Bath with 20 mins to spare. After a rushed warm up, the starting whistle blew and cambridge were ready to beat Bath for a second time. The game started well, with a quick few goals from Flick Villar, our MVP for the match. Bath retaliated but strong defence from Maeve Gillespie, Lottie Patterson and Ella Benson meant a turnover. This was capitalised by Kris Caka who was able to transition the ball and make her 3rd assist of the game. Bath continued to attempt to score but quick reactions from goalie Helen Gildersleevs ensured that they could not convert. The game was close and cambridge finished the half drawing 6-6 with Bath.

We began the second half ready to step up our game. This was displayed by captain Ayesha Nicholls who fired a quick shot in the back of the goal. This was followed by 3 shots from other captain Juliette Wise (jdog96) assisted by Bella Peters. Bath didn’t give up the fight, attempting to score twice but goalie Emily Coales was able to save both with a quick transition to Yuwa Iwasaki. The game continued with a new found sense of calm from the attack, initiated by Amelia Miller and Lara Dillingham. This enabled Cambridge to maintain a lead and finish the game with a 12-9 win.

By Ella Benson