Kingies 10-3

Both Cambridge lacrosse teams faced Oxford at home this week, at the site of the upcoming varsity game. The Kingies played first, smashing Oxford with a final score of 10-3. Special mention must go to fresher Lara Dillingham (Trinity) who scored 7 of the 10 goals for the Light Blue’s. Other goal scorers were Jessie Shea (Downing), Miranda Smith (Newnham) and co-captain Lizzie Withers (Trinity). Cambridge performed brilliantly, taking possession at every draw and making sensible decisions in the transition and attacking halves. Both goalies, Fenella James (Sidney Sussex) and Gina Marsh (Downing) made numerous big saves andmaintained possession on the clear, often for 20/30 seconds before making a clear to the right option.

Blues 9-6

The Blues followed, keen to perform as well as the Kingies against Oxford. The first half was very physical, and well matched as each fought for every ball. Oxford began to take possession from the draw and scored first, but a strong defensive unit caused several turnovers to make sure the Light Blues could equalise, with a goal from Amelia Miller (Downing). The majority of the first half went end to end, with Oxford 4-1 up with 10 minutes to go. Goals from co-captains Ayesha Nicholls (Sidney Sussex) and Julie Wise (Homerton) started the momentum again, and the half ended with a free position from Amelia, on 4-4. A team talk at the half led to a completely different second half for the Light Blues, where they dominated in Goal and the defensive unit, limiting Oxford to just 2 goals. Cambridge took possession at every draw and smart attacking play led to more goals from birthday girl Delphine Veys (St Johns), Maeve Gillespie (Downing), Felicity Villar (Trinity Hall), and newcomers Sarah Flynn (Peterhouse) and Kris Caka (St Edmunds). The Light Blue’s Defence and Goalies (Helen Gildersleeves and Emily Coales) did a great job to maintain this lead, especially as they were a man down for the last 5 minutes following 2 yellow cards. The final score was 9-6, following a resounding second half rally of 5-2 and true team work, as every member of the team played their role.