Naturally, with only a month to go to Varsity, there was a lot of tension and anxiety concerning this particular match. Earlier in the season Cambridge had cruised to victory on a 9-6 win. It was, however, not meant to be this time around. The first half was dominated by Oxford who cruised into an early lead. Cambridge defensive unit, led by the never-faltering Maeve Gillespie, managed to hold back the strong Oxford attack. Phoebe Terelek made countless tackles and intercepts to bring the ball back into Cambridge’s court where Amelia Miller assisted Ayesha Nicholls to Cambridge’s first goal. This was closely followed by a goal by Julie Wise assisted by Kristjana Çaka. Determination not faltering, Cambridge managed two quick goals within the first 5 minutes of the second half from Julie Wise and Flick Villar. Despite another goal from Julie Wise (hat-trick hero), Oxford maintained their two goal lead. It is safe to say that this game was a disappointing one. But, from it, the girls are even more determined to bring Varsity home.

Written by Kristjana Çaka