The game started scrappily as the ball went end to end with both teams defensive units doing well to turn over the ball then safely transition it to the midfield. However there were no goals and few opportunities to score. However, once Cambridge managed to break through, two more goals followed in quick succession to put the Light Blues firmly ahead and in control of the game. Cardiff called a timeout to try and regroup but were met with another four successive Cambridge goals. Excellent attack from the Light Blues meant the Cardiff defence was breaking while a solid Cambridge defence was managing to deal with Cardiff’s picks and drives from a couple of strong attackers. The defence managed to keep out Cardiff until two minutes before half time when Cardiff scored off an isolation play and a pick off the top of the fan. With no scoring after that, the half time score was 7-1. Nevertheless we felt the play was somewhat static with far too many careless shots.


cardiff 2

With a team talk from Captain Miller and some strawberry laces to keep up our sugar levels, we were ready to take our play up another level. The attack did indeed pick up their game with a strong solo drive and goal from Tori Molly. Cardiff were quick to respond though with a crease drive, but after that, the attack suddenly picked up and goals were scored by Bridget Shaffrey, Amelia Miller, Katie Lehovsky, Erica Wallace and Sophie Tamblyn. Julie wise and Lara Dillingham were both giving excellent feeds coupled with an excellent finish to take the score to 15-2.

Credit Cally Miller

It must be said the goals were better worked than those in the first half with many coming from set plays and a more dynamic attack meant Cardiff just couldn’t stop the attack. In defence, Cardiff were simply failing to find any gaps and quick slides meant Cardiff were struggling to maintain possession for long and couldn’t convert. To make things worse for Cardiff, after checking Captain Miller in the head, a very strong Cardiff player found herself yellow carded and off for two minutes. We maximised this to score twice while they were a player down. However this position was reversed when a shot to the goalie’s head by Sophie Tamblyn left us a man down for two minutes. In this period, the whole team did a great job to ensure Cardiff couldn’t convert and once Sophie was back on the pitch we scored two more to end the match 19-2.