With the Kingies set to play Nottingham away as part of the closely fought league, we were anticipating a tight game. After a thorough warm-up, we were ready to put our new defensive tactics to the test. It was clear from the start that the teams were very evenly matched and goals from both teams meant that the first half ended in a 4-4 draw.

Having regrouped and decided on some new tactics for the second half, the team was resolute on achieving the win.

Our defensive unit really upped their game, with some great communication, solid body positioning and a truly formidable red call paying dividends. Our high pressure and discipline resulted in shooting opportunities for Nottingham being few and far between.

Our midfield proved to be indefatigable and our slick transition meant we were able to capitalise on our defensive turnovers and all the spectacular saves made by our goalkeeper Fenella.

Photo Credits: Kate Wareing


Nevertheless, there was never more than just one goal separating the two teams throughout the game, with some scrappy play leading to both teams conceding fouls.

Tensions were high and gaining possession was imperative since the score was level at 9-9 with just 5 minutes of play remaining. Having secured possession, the team kept their heads, transitioning the ball safely up the pitch to the attacking end, a move which culminated with an astutely placed shot into the bottom right-hand corner from fresher Amy Bowen.

After one last attempt from Nottingham, the defence convincingly repelled their endeavours to enter the fan with some impeccably timed red calls. Forcing the error and coming up with the ball, the team played possession until the final whistle blew. Elated by their 10-9 victory, the Kingies are reinvigorated to continue this winning streak.

Special mention must go to our goalkeeper Fenella James whose rapid reactions culminated in some superb saves. Goals by Lizzie Withers, Abigail Thellusson, Livia Russell, Miranda Smith, Amy Bowen.